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Experience...Versatility...Creativity... Let's face it. Most photographers are good in one or two areas of their craft. But is that what you need? Or do you need a photographer who handles any technical aspect of any agricultural project, comes to your shoot with ideas and without an attitude, produces it on time, with quality and creativity. In the agriculture / produce / food arena, there is only one photographer in California that fits that bill...ED YOUNG. Adept equally in his Carmel studio or on location, from natural light to major interior lighting setups, from the seed...to planting thru harvesting...to the production facility...to the supermarket...to the dinner table, with every step in between, including the board of directors...Ed has done it all...many times. If you demand the best photography in your agri-marketing materials, there is only one call to make...ED YOUNG 831-624-0630.